About Vishnu

Band members:
Tor Thomassen, vocals
Tom Hansen, guitars
Eigil Moe Johansen, drums
Olav Solvang, bass
Stian Grønbech, piano and organ

About Vishnu
The last few years, Vishnu stapled themselves as maybe the most uncompromising deliverer of rock’n’roll for a broad audience in Norway, with music described as both nostalgic but refreshing, and comparisons drawn to bands as The Doors, Nick Cave to name a few.

Through touring extensively in Norway and abroad, Vishnu made themselves a good reputation as a whole-shaped rock act, including the singles Slip Inside and Run River Run, which had a lot of play-time on national radio stations in Norway.

After 11 years, it’s over. The band has split up, but their legacy remains with over hundred shows, two albums and several EP’s and singles.

Lost Soul’s Church CD EP (2006)
Lord Save Me CD EP (2009)
Outskirts Of Love CD, LP (2010)
Run River Run 7″ (2011)
Nightbeat Love CD (2013)

Contact info

All enquiries can be sent to: mail@vishnu.no